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I like history. I like it a lot. Some of my fondest memories have involved diving into a history book with a nice cup of coffee. There’s an endless and astonishing variety of experiences in the world’s history – comedy, tragedy, life lessons, catharsis, treachery, redemption, defeat, triumph and underarm squelchies. Amazing stuff.

Problem is though, I come from New Zealand. We don’t do history in New Zealand. Well, very little. A few hundred years of Pacific dudes poking around from Polynesia, then another couple of hundred years as the armpit of the British Empire. That’s about it. Ho hum. So instead of writing about dull things that have happened, I thought, why not write complete bullshit about interesting things that haven’t? Why not add a bit of fun to history?

At least part of the blame for this blog must go to!/hellobuglers – a Twitter feed written by one half of The Bugle podcast, Andy Zaltzman. It’s a variation on the same theme – don’t write about dull truth, write about fun bullshit!

This blog updates once a week. (edit: hah!) Each new “essay” contains vast amounts of idiocy.


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